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Iranian threat unites Israel

The statements by the Iranian president where he threatens to obliterate Israel from the world map and where he questions whether the Holocaust really happened are creating fear and anger in Israel.


Recent events in Israeli politics are referred to as a political earthquake. Miryam Shomrat, newly appointed ambassador to Norway, will now try to represent a country filled with political turmoil. Shomrat took over as Israeli ambassador to the embassy in Oslo after Liora Herzl in the fall. Shomrat was previously ambassador to Finland, but now comes from a position in Jerusalem.

- Can you tell us something about the political situation that Israel is in now?

- The troubled situation we see in Israel now we have never experienced in Israel before. The situation can most easily be described as a political earthquake. That the country's sitting prime minister changes party is completely unique, and no one knows exactly what. . .

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