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Israel: Renewed pope friendship


A few weeks ago, the Pope condemned the terror in Egypt, England, Turkey and Iraq, but announced a Palestinian suicide bomb in Israel. Israeli authorities called the Vatican's envoy to Israel on the carpet. The exchange of words ended with the Vatican pointing out Israel's illegal retaliatory actions, so they couldn't just condemn one party.

According to Israel's top diplomat at the Vatican, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon now calls the pope a "true friend of Israel". In a letter to the pope, Sharon is said to have written that Israel has been ravaged by terror and is very sensitive to the differences between Islamic terror against Israeli civilians and Islamic terror against citizens of other countries. The diplomat says that the pope's omission of the bomb in Israel must have been an unintentional miss.

Source: Haaretz, Israel

Egypt: Women chopped

An Egyptian women's magazine announces that the positive thing about the presidential election and the new constitutional changes is that Egyptian women are now more active in the political arena. In a hitherto untested attempt in Egypt and the Arab world, nine party-dependent women will run for election in Egypt's presidential election.

First, the candidates must achieve a certain. . .

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