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Italy's fifth mafia

Ascia nera. La brutal intelligence della mafia nigeriana
Forfatter: Leonardo Palmisano
Forlag: Fandango libri (Italia)
HUMAN TRAFFICKING: The Nigerian mafia is smuggling both people and drugs. Threats, violence and voodoo rituals are used to force girls into prostitution.

In the street Giudecca Vecchia in the infamous mafia neighborhood Forcella in Naples I see the Nigerian girls standing close together. They wait for customers. I usually choose the neighboring street when I go to the train station, although it is a detour. But on some nights I can't resist the temptation: I have to have one fried pizza from Antica Pizzeria. . .

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Ketil Fred Hansen
Hansen is a professor of social sciences at UiS and a regular reviewer at Ny Tid.

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