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- Yes to a federal Iraq

Ny Tid brings here one of the week's comments on Al-Jazeera, the Arab world's leading news scandal. Ali al-Awsi is the head of the Senate for Southern Iraq Studies in London. On Saturday, Iraq will vote on a new constitution.


Since the founding of the Iraqi state in 1921, there has been little development in the democratic conditions of the ordinary Iraqi citizen.

A number of problems have remained unresolved under the various regimes, and the main problem has been the discrimination against Iraq's various regions. This underlines the need to come up with a federal solution to a lasting problem that has left Iraqis living under injustice and discrimination.

Both Iraqis and Arabs have lived with values ​​inherited from repressive regimes, which have left a suffocating social system and robbed the people of their will.

The tradition has been based on consolidating a one-man regime, and establishing a climate of fear where one has been unwilling to accept anything other than a centralized regime.

We now have an opportunity to change course and Iraq needs a new culture that can prevent the old values ​​from continuing to dominate.

The autocratic rule that began in 1968 – the year the Ba'ath party took power in Iraq – was based on a monopoly of power so strong that even the various communities could not make any decisions without the permission of the absolute leader and his party in Baghdad. .

Saddam's tanks

This bureaucracy hindered development in many areas. Saddam Hussein's regime introduced terrible discrimination by dividing Iraq into "black" and "white" administrative units. It divided the citizens into two groups: those who could be oppressed and buried in mass graves, and those who enjoyed power and influence.

Only the name of a person was enough to prevent him from getting a decent job, if it signaled that the person belonged to a particular sect, or. . .

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