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Japan's new pacifism

The Japanese military is today at its most active since World War II. But you don't like to talk about this.


If you meet Tsutomu Mori in Tokyo city center on your way to work, you will hardly be able to guess what profession this 58-year-old has.

It is not until he has entered the separated, and well-guarded, Ichigaya district that he changes into the four-star olive green uniform. He can then be recognized as General Mori, the Chief of Staff of the Ground Self Defense Force (GSDF).

This man who, over a 40-year career, has moved up to the top job of one of the world's most modern military forces, can't move in public with his uniform on. Many Japanese show strong disgust at the military even to this day. Nor can he call the strength he heads for an army. Tokyo is more likely to see US troops (out of a force of 47.000) in uniform than Japanese (out of a force of 240.000).

Self-defense Forces

The Japanese self-defense force. . .

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