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I know about an old man


He does not read Spirit and does not listen to P3, but possibly works for Ny Tid. The only thing we were worried about when we sat down to finalize the list of nominations for "Norwegian of the time" was that there would be an overly musical politically correct and predictably critical post from some music journalists. The fear turned out to be justified.

When Ny Tid's journalist Øyvind Holen (5.11.05) claims that it has been "a long time" since he has seen "such a skewed and short-sighted picture of Norwegian pop history", we should keep in mind that he has worked a lot with Norwegian pop. and the rock lexicon that came out this fall. A selection of the type Spirit and P3 are now doing is something completely different and far more juicy than listing dry facts. And since the competition is announced via Spirit and P3, both of which have an audience mainly between 15 and 30 years, it should not surprise anyone that the list gets a youthful feel. Had Hjemmet and P1 been the senders, the list would of course have looked different. Nominating Jan Eggum and Wenche Myhre for our nomination might have satisfied the country's lexicon writers, but it would also have been irrelevant, because they would not have had the remotest chance to win.

Holen also claims that we do not "admit" that our readers and listeners are largely born in the eighties and nineties. . . .

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