Theater of Cruelty

The spirits of Joseph Kony


Before the LRA goes to battle, the soldiers worship a spirit called King Bruce. According to Joseph Kony's teachings, King Bruce is a warrior who will give strength in battle. If the soldiers hold a stone in their hand and carry it around in circles while saying "King Bruce, King Bruce, King Bruce", the stone is reportedly transformed into a hand grenade. In reality, King Bruce is inspired by the action movie hero Bruce Lee, whose films for a period made great success in the video stores in Acholiland's cities and refugee camps.

From Kony's perspective, however, there is reason in madness like this. The Acholi culture is characterized by breath. These spirits are called "yogi" and are something the abducted children know before they fall into the grip of the LRA. Based on the traditional culture and Christianity of the very religious Uganda, the former altar boy Kony has a powerful tool. For 20 years he has managed to motivate his soldiers without any compensation or reward. Many of those who return to their village still believe in Kony's powers. So do some of the low-educated UPDF soldiers.

It is a known case that Kony returns every year to the Omoro hill and the characteristic stone information that characterizes the summit to find new powers. No one knows exactly what rituals he performs there, but locals say they have seen flames in all the colors of the rainbow and heard explosions. Few government soldiers dare approach the place, even though you know just when Kony is coming, and this should be a welcome opportunity to arrest the man.

The LRA's stated goal is to "restore" the Bible's ten commandments and introduce a set of rules in Uganda based on them. Christian symbols are an important part of the LRA's "ideology". Not only does Kony have a choir of girls dressed as nuns who praise him and sing hymns. He also creates "control altars" from which he directs the rebel soldiers in battle. In one of the initiation rituals, the girls have to remove their upper body.

As they pray for Ave Maria, Kony throws water over them and paints hearts and crosses on their chest, back and forehead with a mixture of eggs and cassava, and on those who are strong enough in the faith the enemy's bullets should peel. But at the same time, there is the death penalty for seeking cover in combat and the LRA has attacked churches and threatened to kill all the priests in Northern Uganda. Furthermore, there is the death penalty for eating pork and LRA members should turn to Mecca when they pray. The latter is often explained as a thank you for helping and supporting the Muslim government in Sudan.

Kony's ideology has proven to be able to legitimize bestiality almost unparalleled.

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