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Cold climate

Nobel laureate Mikhail Gorbachev warns against a new Cold War between the United States and Russia.


[Moscow, Russia] Questions from Jel McGill, London: "When you talk about preventing a new Cold War, exactly who do you think it will stand between? The United States and the rest of the world? The West and Islam? The West and Russia? ”

Answer: It is unlikely that we will experience a new cold war like the one from the 1950s to the 1980s, but today's tense situation is reminiscent of a time when the world was heading for nuclear war. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said in Munich that many US actions have reinforced these dangerous tendencies.

Putin's critics, on the other hand, argue that such leadership is necessary because international terrorism can only be fought with the introduction of democracy worldwide. Nevertheless, the proliferation of this American model has already led to conflict, even war. Democracy is not instant coffee, it cannot be delivered worldwide in handy small packages. The introduction of democracy in Iraq, using tanks and rockets, has been disastrously bad. Such hard-handed methods do not fight terrorism; they only serve as provocation.

As in the Cold War, there are some coalitions that are prepared to act without regard to international ones. . .

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