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The Heavy Water War

Why wouldn't Kristin Halvorsen tell who Norway sells heavy water to?


[1. September 2006] Anyone who has seen Kirk Douglas sneak up the slopes on Rjukan in the movie Helter in Telemark (1965) knows that heavy water is strategically important and can be used to produce nuclear weapons. Those who have learned the fate of Israeli Mordechai Vanunu also know that Norway has been one of the most important contributors to Israel's development of nuclear weapons. A large-scale sale of 20 tonnes of heavy water in 1960 and 1970 started the process that has enabled the descendants of the victims of Hitler's mass extermination to use weapons of mass destruction against others. SV has been committed to providing alert and protection to Vanunu in Norway.

Ny Tid revealed last week that Norway has exported heavy water to other countries until 2004, 16 years after Norsk Hydro shut down its production of heavy water at Rjukan. Norwegian exports of heavy water have not been mentioned in the reports to the Storting since 1988. . .

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