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The battle for the left side's soul

Next week, Samtiden will be launched with a larger essay on the left's challenges, written by Ny Tid's cultural journalist Halvor Finess Tretvoll. We need a social liberal wing with a well-thought-out cosmopolitan project, Tretvoll concludes in this excerpt.

The core narrative of the left's self-understanding was challenged in the transition to the 1980s. Since the collapse of the Social Democrats, the right-wing wave and the fall of the wall, the left has tried to find itself again – without success.

Part of it makes the old tales into fascination. The second part does not ask for overall perspectives that can guide everyday politics. This is how anti-intellectualism characterizes both wings.

This Gordian knot characterizes the left's idea story after 1980. Again, we can get a majority government from the left that ends 25 years of right-turning, mustn't the question is asked again: How should the left understand its own role in a fundamentally changed world?

1979: Leftist conservatism in Norwegian

Rune Slagstad understood early the need for new ideas and argued that the left side suffered from political "embarrassment and bewilderment towards a society in transition from industrial to post-industrial society."

But his medicine was a municipal ecopolitical. . .

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