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Chaos in Kathmandu

Instability in Nepal may have more widespread consequences than the size of the country suggests.


Following the imposition of stricter media regulations by the Nepalese king, Gyanendra, Nepalese police have closed radio stations, confiscated equipment and arrested four journalists and a technician for preventing a radio station from broadcasting a BBC interview. The interview was with the leader of the Maoist guerrilla group.

In the interview with the BBC, the Maoist leader talks about the alliance between the guerrilla group and the political opposition in the country. These have reached an agreement to form a common front to fight for democracy. The Nepalese king overthrew the elected government in the country in February this year, and took power himself. Thus, the previous government formed a seven-party alliance with other political parties. This alliance has now been extended to include the Maoist guerrillas, who have thus chosen to join. . .

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