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[stockholm, sweden] In Sweden, there was no law on gender quotas for corporate boards. Despite the fact that the Swedish boards consist of a full 83 per cent men. Despite the fact that the goal of the gender equality policy is an even distribution of power and influence.

Many Swedish companies are happy that the bill has been put to death, but their view of women makes no one happy. Read only the following excerpt from the Swedish Enterprise Business Newsletter:

"We support in many ways many of the mentoring programs and other initiatives that can help strengthen those who will become role models for others – be they foreign-born, disabled, women or other groups."

Disabled, women or other groups. Have you not understood the most elementary? If this is representative of the view of women in business as such, you will be scared of the dark. They should at least be able to count, right? If you can do that, you know that women are not a "group" in the sense of minority. . .

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