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pat Hunt

Uganda authorities are doing everything they can to clear the country of gays. In the name of God and African nationalism.


I have an hour to kill before I meet a bunch of gay activists at a pizza restaurant in the middle of Kampala. It is late April, the rainy season has set in full. It is inconvenient yet a shed just as I walk and toss along the street, so I pop into one of the city's larger bookstores and go and look at the selection of books.

Then I see the booklet neatly displayed next to the box office: “Pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism and youth. A Practical Gaid to Prevent ». I stand and wonder for a while, but end up buying it. I'm ashamed, but for reasons other than what she probably had to think at checkout.

No, this is not my country, not my government, not my business, anyone wants. . .

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