Theater of Cruelty

Constructive arguing

Debate is not the best on TV.



To avoid Viggo Johansen and Oddvar Stenstrøm's hopeless old-fashioned debates, you have to get out. Tomorrow's important discussions are not on television, but on bar and seminar. Hu Jintao has greater power over the Norwegian economy than Kristin Halvorsen, and if you are wondering what the Chinese president really wants, Friday 23 March bring with you Ma Zhengang, president of the China Institute of International Studies, who will talk about China's development and foreign policy at PRIO. A good alternative if you are not invited to Jens Stoltenberg's travel companion to Beijing on March 25.

We are the "generation that can stop mass murder and exploitation," says Jan Egeland, who was just appointed Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. On March 26, he explains in detail how this will be implemented in practice, on the Upop evening in the main hall at Chateau Neuf. Afterwards, you should continue the discussion with old and new friends and friends over a glass, preferably non-alcoholic, if you do not want to lose the discussion with your new Muslim friends.

The debate continues throughout the night, so you can go directly to the Sustainable Tourism Sustainable Development Seminar on Blindern on March 27. When the tourism industry set a new turnover record in 2006, Africa was the continent with the largest increase. “Culture is an undervalued resource in many developing countries. Taking care of the culture is not a luxury ”. The quote does not come from Ellen Horn, but from James Wolfensohn at the World Bank. Is sustainable tourism a coveted marketing concept, or can tourism help preserve ecological and cultural diversity?

Since this discussion also lasts all night, you can proceed directly to "CSR Oslo", Jonas Gahr Støre's large conference on social responsibility in the City Hall and the People's House, 28-30. March. Is corporate social responsibility the new clothes of the new emperor, ie the global business community? Is the answer to establishing a supranational world parliament, as among other journalist and author George Monbiot has suggested? Or is it each one of us in front of the store shelves that will be responsible for saving the world when we shop?

[fill] As this discussion continues throughout the evening, it is a good idea to have a few banana or coconut beers from Fairtrade Max Havelaar. The discussion about consumer power can then quickly overflow into arguments about which raw materials are best suited for beer brewing.

[concert] After a couple of quick banana beers, it's time to jump and bounce a bit. On March 24, Canadian Arcade Fire will play on the Center Stage. David Bowie has been observed at several of their concerts before, but Ny Tid has not been able to confirm whether he will come on Saturday.

[skiing] Although I never got further than 19 meters on slalom skiing in Skytterhusbakken, I look forward to skiing in Planica on 24 and 25 March. I hope Janne Ahonen takes back the world record he was beaten for on this ground in 2005, when the jury misjudged the conditions and gave too much momentum. Ahonen got hit and rushed in the direction of Planica City Hall. As the plains approached, he was still high above the ground, and had to lie down at 240 meters, unable to stand. It was perfectly fine for Arne Scheie, because it led to Bjørn Einar Romøren winning. Scheie completely ruined the experience with his overpowering patriotism. Where the athletes are born becomes more important than how good the performance is. Scheie should also stop seeing Holmgang.

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