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Crazy autist at HVPU housing. Norwegian Muslim, reads only Arabic, speaks only Norwegian. Frenetically concerned that everything should be halal and that the prayers should be done at the right time. Want the whole home to be halal. The staff increases their pattern by making a fictitious continuation of the Qur'an. Half the book is fictionalized manuscripts from a philologically oriented religious scientist.

After reading for a while, I thought the title was referring to the reader's coranoia, and I thought this was a brilliant way to show Norwegians' coranoid looks. That the typical Norwegian reader fails to see a Muslim as anything but caught by religion, that it is the gaze that determines the content. But then it turns out I'm wrong. Although the author is coranoid so it lasts, it is of course a struggle against the religious that is the target. And he should do so with humor. It should be allowed to make fun of everything. One

Now-as-we-have-nonsense-with-the-Christian-have-it-jo-be-law-to-be-blasphemous-on-Muslims-also-book. The moral supremacy is even more interesting: We, the liberal-minded Norwegian reader, should change their religious


The book is on an oral stage. Obviously there is a lot of stool on the bean blanket, it is being crossed. Or when he says that the sounds in Arabic sound like you're trying to throw or "when trying to get the stools out of the rectum". There are sect leaders pissing on the guest's leg. The book is full of secretions, hemorrhoids and poop. It all changes at the Russian stage in "The highest proof of devotion is to come to the mosque with the student beard full of living menstrual blood."

The idea of ​​religious craziness, which provides a lot of crazy rules for an autist, is good, but intrusive when it comes to understanding Islam as autism. The book is to a degree a time frame from the Koranoid era, when PK books criticizing Islam and Muslims were mainstream. The book is sometimes quite well written and a good storytelling technique, but with too many anachronisms to keep it going. It is Olafsen's modern look at classic coranoid themes such as the woman's covering and eating rules, which govern all observations. It is quite festive when you see bad writers like Olafsen describing observations from a physician from the 1700th century and putting their own prejudices and assumptions in the eyes of others. It's like watching 30-year-old science-fiction movies, flying between Saturn and March, and having haircuts taken from 1970s pop stars, and when it rings, there's a cord on the phone. It is entertaining at times. How the publishing house has left the last twenty pages of stream of consciousness is an enigma and interesting in the history of literature. This is what young students write in hashish. For me who likes the publisher Own, it is interesting to see it in print from a publisher with a logo.

There is no doubt that this is a writer who has failed at university, and thus worked a lot on hvpu. It is the autodidact's attempt at revenge for lack of success. He suffers from a clear Heyerdal syndrome: I'm right and everyone else is wrong. It is the "experts" who abuse their position, of course represented by Humbolt, who will not listen to theories that do not fit into the system. Well-crafted with the term "orthodox heresy".

Why couldn't Gyldendal challenge the reader with the reader's own paranoid notions, where it was not haram meat that was the great horror, but that the neighbor, a North Korean mixed dog meat in the salami package? And debated whether it was okay if the entire Norwegian department ate dog meat or not. The reason, of course, is that it would never have been printed. That the publisher publishes the book under a pseudonym is just a sales trick, and it works. No one else would think of buying such a book. Admittedly, there are deeds, but no one would have cared if this book had the space it deserved, in an infantile desk drawer.

Yes you guys, let's press a picture of an Arab who is basking in a picture of the royal family and is drying his ass with the Norwegian flag as the beet stinks. How fun it is to provoke. That must be what the Norwegian devils find themselves in. Then we cannot have anything sacred. Shouldn't the Norwegian flag be allowed to poke in now? (And then we agree with Shabana Rehman. We do this for the oppressed whores in Norway.) And then we write a novel in which we force the Norwegian autopsy to eat dog meat, and where their head is that they can't eat it.

Of course, had it not been anti-Islamic, it would never have been printed. Take a Jew test and this book ends up in the garbage. No Olafsen, you hardly do anything other than night watches and pussy licks.

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