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Quran interpretation for everyone

Those who are not concerned with the core of Islam should perhaps find something else to read than the Qur'an.

There is a growing demand from the majority that interpretation of the Qur'an, and especially of what it really says about women and equality, must take place in public space. From an integration perspective, this could be interesting, to the extent that it could point to a society where the majority also integrates the minorities' views of life and values ​​into their own.

But the majority want the debate on their own half of the field. They do not want to get off their feet and go into the mosques to listen, but they want to participate with their own views. They have come a long way in understanding that the Qur'an cannot be rewritten, but they have found a good replacement in the redemptive mantra: Interpretation. And most preferably new interpretation. And while otherwise demands are made on immigrants for formal competence in relation to participation in the secular society, there are no corresponding demands on the new ones. . .

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