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"Crucified for his race"

Reno, Nevada, July 14, 1910: Jim "The Iron Man" Jaffries had retired undefeated. Now he is making a comeback against the first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson.


In his very interesting article "I am the greatest" in Ny Tid this winter, Kjetil Mygland describes the efforts of the legendary American heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, both in the black liberation struggle from the 1960s and in the anti-war movement in the USA. He stood up against the authorities' harassment, exclusion from boxing and so on. Until he again went in the ring, won the title back and celebrated the greatest triumphs. And the whole of the United States was given the great honor in 1996 to light the Olympic flame in Atlanta. Mygland also mentions that Ali is considered the "greatest fighter the sport of boxing has ever seen".

Laid the foundation. When reading this enthusiastic tribute to a great pugilist, I miss two names: Jack Johnson. . .

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