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Short thought about short food

Tomatoes transported from Morocco to Norway emit far less greenhouse gases than Norwegian greenhouse tomatoes.

The world needs local and environmentally friendly food production, says Nature and Youth (NU) in Ny Tid on 15 December. This is a pious wish, but it is a mistake to make transport distance the most important issue in relation to the food we eat. Two global principles must prevail: The total environmental impact of the food we eat must be kept to a minimum, and we must ensure that trading conditions give priority to the poorest, so that they have the opportunity to protect vulnerable production and gain clear advantages in international markets.

Local is not as environmentally friendly. The recently published report "Livestock's long shadow" from the UN's agricultural organization FAO shows that the production of meat and milk now accounts for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Meat and milk production will be. . .

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