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Cosmopolitan Hollywood

Unesco will turn local cultures into strictly guarded national museums, ignoring Hollywood's global network production.


[chronicle] After the United States refused to sign the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity in October 2005, the criticism hailed. The US protest was interpreted as evidence of how the cultural-imperialist Hollywood plays a key role in America's pursuit of its world hegemony.

On the other hand, UNESCO's focus on the axis between Hollywood-Washington as the great enemy is a poor fruitful starting point for the preservation and development of our cultural diversity. Unesco's involvement in the Hollywood phenomenon so much reveals an equally one-dimensional attitude to the challenges of cultural globalization that they accuse Hollywood of representing.

Silly American culture. Oddly enough, over a year later, this part of the debate has passed silently. This is despite the fact that the Convention goes against UNESCO's manifesto in a number of areas: respecting the fertile diversity of cultures, supporting free flow of ideas, preserving our cultural world heritage and facilitating today's cultural creativity for good living conditions.

Predictably, many critics argued that the United States' "no way" could be interpreted as an opposition to cultural diversity in itself. For the United States – which rejoined UNESCO in 2003 after excluding itself since 1984 – acted. . .

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