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- Demanding for the labor market

The eastern workers did not come in dangerously large numbers. It came far fewer than some feared. But what we see is that we need to become better at organizing the labor market and immigration, ”says the research leaders at Fafo, Line Eldring and Jon Erik Dølvik.

Fafo's head of research Jon Erik Dølvik and research leader Line Eldring have, in the new report “Work and service mobility after EU enlargement”, (published by the Nordic Council of Ministers), looked more closely at the development of work and service mobility from the new EU countries in the East. -Europe to the Nordic countries since 1 May 2004. They have also looked at possible consequences for the Nordic labor markets.

One of the conclusions of the report is that EU enlargement has not caused imbalances in the Nordic labor markets as a whole. The Eastern Europeans who arrived have ensured that regional problems in finding enough qualified manpower have been resolved, and have probably had a favorable economic impact on the countries.

In the period from 1 May to the end of March 2005, the Nordic countries have granted a total of 18.000 work permits lasting longer than three months. Denmark gave 1900 permits, while Norway has written. . .

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