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War is war

Prolonged war in Afghanistan and SV despite: The party is sitting in government.


[16. February 2007] Siv Jensen was strategically and rhetorically sparkling when she opened the Storting's Question Time on Wednesday. She congratulated the Prime Minister on pursuing a pure Labor Party policy – without a trace of the government partners in important matters, especially in environmental and security policy. This is SV's biggest fear, and it is of course painful for the party to accept that Norway is now sending new soldiers to Afghanistan. Opponents of NATO had to give up their basic views in the government declaration, now the party must endure even more Norwegian soldiers in war. It is no wonder that SV is now discussing what they are actually achieving in government.

To Ny Tid, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre says that SV should count their victories. They can count the kindergarten investment, that Norwegian soldiers have been withdrawn from US-led operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and that it will be too late, but good cleaning at Norwegian gas power plants. The government says it will insist that the new Norwegian forces will only be used in Kabul, not sent to the south. At the same time, the government last week also reversed its policy against Hamas and lifted the boycott of the Palestinian government. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has sat in long meetings with SV's parliamentary group to create the basis that made it take a long day before soldiers in Afghanistan led to a doomsday mood in SV.

Kristin Halvorsen threatens to withdraw the SV from the government if the soldiers are sent to the south. In this way, the party still imposes restrictions on the mission, restrictions that would not have been there if the SV had not been put in government. This is important for Halvorsen's reasoning. In reality, it does not matter where in Afghanistan Norwegian soldiers are killed, if they are killed. Obviously, it's only foolish when SV's foreign policy spokeswoman Ågot Valle claims that the mission is a defensive operation. The SV claims that the soldiers should contribute to reconstruction and peace-building work. There are no special soldiers trained in. A shovel is a shovel, and war is war.

Halvorsen has taken the initiative of an extraordinary government meeting and discussion of government participation. The debate can take a long time. So long that the minds get calm. There is little doubt that the government will be seated even after this. The SV in government pursues a different policy than the SV stands for in opposition. But it is not pure Labor Party policy.

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