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War and narcissism

Kristopher Schau has now drawn the essence of his anti-humanist project. Particularly interested is finding the complete contract for the sale of Schaus's soul at the online auction QXL in the book. A Norway at War thematizes human evil, despair, stupidity and general ugliness.


[Radiobok] In December 2004, the radio program Et Norge in War was taken off the air after only one season, and the three broadcasters Kristopher Schau, Øystein Karlsen and Morten Ståle Nilsen lost their contracts with NRK, despite the fact that during each broadcast they had drawn 100.000 Norwegians to the radios . The program aimed to be "a summary of life as it really is." It should show reality "seen in a life-affirming and anti-humanist perspective." However, for the NRK leadership, this became "too negative, dark, dead and gloomy", and after four months, the daily blackout was stopped, reportedly by broadcasting director John G. Bernander personally. There is now a selection of texts taken from the program in book form (dedicated to John G.).

Belgium,. . .

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