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Criticizes SV's asylum seeker proposal

SV's Reza Rezaee, like Erling Folkvord (rv), criticizes the SV proposal to lock in asylum seekers for up to 72 hours.


SV's profile as a party with an international and solidarity profile has in the last couple of weeks been taken up for debate in Ny Tid. Conservative parliamentary candidate Nicolai Astrup wrote that SV does not show solidarity with the world's poor. SU leader Audun Herning believes that SV should be more offensive in its policy both in connection with immigration and in connection with helping in the third world. RV's Erling Folkvord directs fierce criticism at SV's parliamentary group for a number of the proposals they have put forward in recent years. Folkvord warns that SV is losing its international and solidarity soul in the struggle for power and influence.

Stopped the proposal

In particular, Folkvord refers to a Dok8 proposal that SV submitted in November 2004, where it is proposed, among other things, that the police's opportunities to imprison asylum seekers should be increased from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Party secretary Bård Vegar Solhjell says that the whole Doc. The 8 proposal was discussed in the party's parliamentary group before. . .

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