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Criticizes SV's asylum seeker proposal

SV's Reza Rezaee, like Erling Folkvord (rv), criticizes the SV proposal to lock in asylum seekers for up to 72 hours.


SV's profile as a party with an international and solidarity profile has in the last couple of weeks been taken up for debate in Ny Tid. Conservative parliamentary candidate Nicolai Astrup wrote that SV does not show solidarity with the world's poor. SU leader Audun Herning believes that SV should be more offensive in its policy both in connection with immigration and in connection with helping in the third world. RV's Erling Folkvord directs fierce criticism at SV's parliamentary group for a number of the proposals they have put forward in recent years. Folkvord warns that SV is losing its international and solidarity soul in the struggle for power and influence.

Stopped the proposal

In particular, Folkvord refers to a Dok8 proposal that SV submitted in November 2004, where it is proposed, among other things, that the police's opportunities to imprison asylum seekers should be increased from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Party Secretary Bård Vegar Solhjell says that the entire Doc. The 8 proposal was considered in the party's parliamentary group before it was submitted. The proposal has not been considered by other party bodies and the parliamentary group. The Storting Group chose to draw the relevant point on the extension of the asylum seeker's detention, following criticism from the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS).

- NOAS gave us feedback that they were not unsure of this proposal. That is why we withdrew it, says Bård Vegar Solhjell.

But then the proposal was already in circulation in the Storting, and the government and the Progress Party adopted it immediately.

Wrong focus

Reza Rezaee, who is in eighth place on SV's list for the parliamentary elections in Oslo, believes that the proposal should never have been raised.

- I agree with Erling Folkvord when he criticizes this proposal. I think this is the wrong focus. We must not get carried away by the "we" and "they" thinking. Those who apply for residence in Norway are not by definition criminals. It is allowed to apply for residence in this country, and everyone who applies deserves to be treated humanely, and not as criminals, says Reza Rezaee.

Reza Rezaee, who also chairs the SV's international committee, believes it is good that SV's asylum, refugee and immigration policy be discussed.

- In SV, we work hard and continuously to get better in these areas. We are the only party that is active in all immigration environments precisely to better understand this area. That's the way we can get a better policy. And we need to get criticism and debate when we are not good enough, says Reza Rezaee, who nevertheless believes that Nicolai Astrup totally misses his criticism.

- The policy the Conservatives stand for is anything but in solidarity with the world's poor. This is a derailment of the debate. Today's Conservatives stand for the worst sides of capitalism. They demand the opening of markets, which will only increase the differences in the world. They are helping to build a system that creates global apartheid, says Reza Rezaee, and asks the Conservatives to show a more humane face by supporting SV's proposal to take in 3000 quota refugees through SV a year.

- The Conservatives have halved the annual number of quota refugees from 1500 to 750. I do not call that solidarity, says Reza Rezaee.

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