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Austbø with new Debussy plate

Pianist Håkon Austbø (pictured) continues his complete review of Claude Debussy's piano music, and now releases the double CD record Claude Debussy: The Complete Piano Music vol. II. The first record in the series was awarded with Spellemann nomination, and this time the tour has come to Debussy's 24 preludes and 12 stages. Austbø has just returned to Norway, after 40 years abroad, and on September 20 he will start a concert series at the Park Theater in Oslo.

The cultural history of the oil

Author Sonia Shah goes through the complex history of the oil in the book Crude – The Story of Oil, which has just been released at the publisher Seven Stories Press. Shah merges science, economics, politics and social history in a journey around the globe, where we meet both hopeful oil barons, Nigerian women who have stormed a Chevron refinery and monomaniacal scientists.

Record circulation for Pondus

Autumn's book winner can already be named. Where Lars Saabye Christensen has to settle for a first edition of 20 for Models, Frode Øverli clicks to 60 copies of Pondus: Fem. . .

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