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Quota for equal treatment

The EFTA Surveillance Authority ESA is grappling with the sabers, and has started investigating Norway's new law that there should be at least 40 percent of both sexes in all ASA-registered boards. Quota opponents are cheering, now Uncle Europe can save all the men who are afraid of losing their directorships. Perhaps the law is in violation of the EU's Equal Treatment Directive, which prohibits all discrimination and positive discrimination. Director Hallgrímur Ásgeirsson of the ESA's Internal Market Affairs Directorate told the Nation on Wednesday that ESA has not decided whether the law is in order or not, but that they have requested more information to investigate whether the law is in compliance with EEA law. Expert on EEA law and law professor at the University of Oslo, Hans Petter Graver does not rule out that this may mean that the law must be withdrawn.

This is not the first time Norwegian quota opponents have looked to Europe. Most recently, with Dag Øistein Endsjø at the helm, they stopped earmarked positions at the University. . .

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