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Salmon war on all fronts

Norwegian salmon has been at war with aggressive Americans, Europeans and Russians since 1991. There will hardly be any lasting peace for a while.


The salmon was to save Norwegian coastal communities. The fish that the markets are screaming for, and which previously achieved adventurous prices and gave investors dollar signs in their eyes. The Norwegian coast is well suited for farming, and the long coastline also makes the opportunities for growth great. Precisely these adventurous opportunities to increase production have been what repeatedly bite Norwegian farming in the tail. They can not help but give "ban torment" when the opportunities open up. It is quantity rather than quality that governs most people.

And it has been Norwegian salmon that has been dominant on the world market ever since the salmon and trout farms gained momentum in the eighties.

The salmon has been given a solid name and reputation as the free, fresh and powerful red fish that throws itself up. . .

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