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Long-term Soria Moria after the parliamentary elections


After the parliamentary election the country has gained a unifying government with a prime minister, Aps Jens Stoltenberg, who says he has a long-term perspective for this government. They should be able to go to elections in four years as an alternative, and more periods thereafter.

The Prime Minister of the new government is a supporter of Norwegian EU membership. His statement in the newspaper Nation on March 14, 2005 after the European Movement Annual Meeting says something about his Soria Moria, his future dream: “It is important to have no people in the AP: Firstly because they become yes people. And most important: Because the Ap must also get votes from EU opponents, if there is a majority for parties that want EU membership in the Storting ”. And on. "No people will be bound by our national meeting. If the national assembly says yes, all the party's no-people will vote to apply for EU membership. Then everyone will respect the outcome of the referendum. " In the Aftenposten 22. 12. 2004 the same said: «The Labor Party will take government responsibility if we find that the time has come to apply for EU membership. (.) It is the development in the EU and in Norwegian opinion that determines whether it is appropriate to apply for membership in the next period ». And in Morgenbladet 20.05.2005: "I cannot say the moment, because I will not take the fight for membership until I am sure we will win". His party, Ap, has opened up the last two national meetings to apply for EU membership, "if there is a change of mood in the people".

Høgre v / Erna Solberg said at his national meeting in 2004: "I will be the Supreme Leader who leads Norway into the EU (.) We in the Right are ready." would like to see if Ap and Høgre joined forces in government matters. It would help to make important issues clear in the political debate, especially the question of Norwegian EU membership because it is in the EU question that the real contradictions in Norwegian politics emerge. He reiterated his views in the Class Fight on October 9, 2005. As the cards are now, this will not happen for many years.

The Norwegian people has twice said no to Norwegian EU membership. As of today, there is a superior lead for the no-side, which in the last September survey rented by 16 percent over the yes-side. (Sentio A / S) The EU is struggling to solve an urgent problem, and the referendums that gave a majority against the EU's new Constitution in both France and the Netherlands, have left deep scars. But in this country, the new prime minister and his party will use the opportunity to build up through the coalition government. It can create "civilian shares" for the party – good-natured shares that can more quietly move profit and favor to other areas, for example to the question of Norwegian EU membership. As former Secretary of State for Foreign Minister Thorbjørn Jagland, Nupi researcher Espen Barth Eide, said on 3 October. 2005: "The EU is in a somewhat sluggish period right now as a result of the constitutional crisis. Here at home, the EU issue and a new forthcoming referendum are not exactly at the top of the political agenda, because this is still several years ahead. "

The new unity government does not have questions about Norwegian EU membership as a matter. However, it will be necessary for the no-party in Norway to have a long-term memory of the incumbent prime minister and his party's long-term dreams.

Anna Margrete Flåm is a tenant in Tromsø No to the EU

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