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Leader: Tips for the election campaign

The party that dares to refurbish the country's schools can win the fall election.


[18. May 2007] "We shape our buildings, then the buildings shape us." The words were Winston Churchills, in his time a call to rebuild the Parliament building after the old drawings, when it was destroyed by a bomb attack in May 1941. He believed the building did something with those who used it. Still, buildings are helping to shape its users.

The Norwegian Building Technology Agency already established in 1991 that a poor indoor environment in Norwegian buildings leads to an annual loss of somewhere between eight and twelve billion kroner, in the form of reduced productivity, sick leave and subsequent medical treatment. Eleven years after the introduction of what is called the "Children's Working Environment Act", a regulation for environmental health care, the Children's Ombudsman fears that as many as half of Norwegian schools and kindergartens are run without approval. As both the school owner and the approval authority, the municipalities can break the law on a daily basis. . .

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