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Vote against EU service directive

EU Parliamentary Market Directive has decided that it is the rules of the companies' country of origin that apply to international trade in services. During 2006, the directive will be finalized by the European Parliament. Then it is the EU's Council of Ministers that has the final say.

LO in Stavanger and its surroundings is of the clear opinion that if the directive is adopted, it will undermine employees' pay and working conditions in both Western Europe and Norway. The reason is that a service provider will be free to sell his services in another country based on the rules in his own country. Furthermore, it is the authorities in the provider's country that must monitor that the laws of the applicable country are followed. If, for example, a Polish-registered company were to win a tender in Finnøy municipality, the Polish Labor Inspectorate will ensure that Norwegian working time rules and safety regulations. . .

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