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The lesbians strike back

Where did all the lesbians come from? asks Professor Tiina Rosenberg.


[gender] The Book L word is written in the rage of the hindsight, after the media run Tiina Rosenberg was exposed last fall in connection with her involvement in the Swedish party Feminist initiative. Killing threats and accusations of research cheating were just some of the ingredients in the campaign against the theater scientist and gender scientist, who has meanwhile become a professor at the University of Lund. But first and foremost, the "problem" for both the media, voters and some of the party members was that she was so overly lesbian.

"Actually, I was in hell pissed off, but instead of writing some slanted lubrication about everything that's happened, I'd rather look into this with lesbian and lesbian feminism," she explained in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Worker this summer.

Bad conditions

Therefore, Rosenberg has dug into the history of the L-word, which has poorer conditions in Swedish than in Norwegian, for better or worse. While here on the mountain we generally live well with the terms "lesbian" and "lesbian", female homopolitical activists in Sweden in the 1990s chose to scrap the word "lesbian" and instead use the word "flat". It is a concept that embraces not only lesbians, but also bisexual and transgender women. A more open, more inclusive term, in other words. . .

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