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LO's problem

There is a difference between being an employee and an employer.

[19. January 2007] LO started its long-planned and comprehensive campaign against workplace bullying this week. Never has the employee organization had a lesser credibility in just such work.

Ingunn Yssen made a bold choice when she decided to give her resignation to the country's largest newspaper at the same time as she delivered it to the country's largest workers' organization. Without her previously impressive CV and many former colleagues who would describe Yssen as skilled, the stunt could quickly have become a labor market suicide. The procedure was contrary to the rules of working life for how conflicts should be handled, and both as a manager and an employee, Yssen should have done what she could to resolve the matter internally first. Yssen's proposal could have been left as both untidy and reprehensible, if Valla had regretted that Yssen experiences the situation as she does and then insisted on treating this in line with the processes that follow. . .

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