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Promises new women's struggle

Ny Tid can print a joint proposal from the leading women politicians in the Labor Party, the Socialist People's Party and the Socialist People's Party: Karin Yrvin, Oddrun Remvik and Inger Enger. After long conversations, they present a new red-green women's policy, three days before election day.


Today's power structures are characterized by men. SV, AP and SP will form a majority government because we want a different social development. It's about creating a society where there is real equality and where no one is pushed out. We will work for gender equality through changes in laws and in the organization of working and social life, but also through debate, information and attitude-creating work.

equality in the workplace

Women's financial independence is crucial for the relationship between men and women to be equal. The government has widened the economic gap between women and men. Even though the government is talking about equal pay, we know that men have received about 80 percent of the tax relief Per-Kristian Foss has given on top tax and share dividends during his time. . .

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