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Lawless conditions

The sea baskets get good help for both unloading fish and extra fuel on the Reykjanes Ridge.


[pirate fishing] Now the Icelandic coastguard can document that the pirate trawler «Carmen loaded fish in the freezer« Polestar ». The trawler is registered in Georgia and the freezer boat in Panama. The "Polestar" freezer was immediately put on the blacklist to the North Atlantic Fisheries Commission's (NEAFC) blacklist. This means that it is now undesirable in all NEAFC ports. Should one believe.

But Greenpeace can point out that two of the pirate fleet badgers as late as April this year received help in ports that, according to authorities, they do not have access to.

On April 11, "Rosita" was in Fredrikstad and boarded equipment coming from Germany, and in the days of April 2 to 4, "Dolphin" was located in the Faroese capital Tórshavn and received supplies.

- This shows that there are three countries that should have reacted and rejected two trawlers that have been on the blacklists for years. It is scandalous that countries like Norway do not have a system that ensures that such breaches of international obligations are stopped, says Truls Gulowsen in Greenpeace.

- The blacklisting of NEAFC is clear, and when you can document that a trawler with a legal license supplies the pirate fleet, this will immediately be blacklisted. There is zero tolerance for contact with the pirate fleet, points out Kjartan Hoydal, who heads the NEAFC secretariat in London.

But the pirate trawlers not only get help in getting rid of the illegal fish, they are also supplied with fuel. Captain of the Faroese trawler "Enniberg", Sonny Johannessen, can tell among other things about oil boats that at first said they could not help with fuel for the boat "Enniberg", but who were still on the field and provided other boats with oil, a week later .

- My impression is that legal trawlers buy enough oil to pump oil into the pirate trawlers, says Johannessen. And adds that what they see on the field indicates that the blacklisting is not working.

Information officer for the Icelandic coastguard, Dagmar Sigurðardóttir, states that Iceland is doing what it can to reveal what is happening on the Reykjanes Ridge, and NEAFC was immediately informed of the incident with "Polestar" and "Carmen".

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