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Happy as little

H Press and Throttle pedal is something as unoriginal as micro publishing with great literary prestige. Gas pedalist Audun Lindholm dreams of several competitors.


[procurement scheme] The Norwegian Cultural Council's procurement scheme is dominated by the publishing giants, but Gasspedal and H Press are two microbes that have struggled in the heat in recent years.

- The purchasing scheme has added an enormous amount to the Norwegian language and literature, but at the same time the scheme has some less fortunate side effects: A standardization of book formats and genres and expensive books, says Audun Lindholm, editor of Gasspedal.

Last year, books such as Z by Pål Norheim and Vanlig by Kristine Næss were purchased from the two publishers, at the same time as they have also received production support through the Norwegian Cultural Fund. The releases excel with gorgeous design, strong editorial profile and innovative content – in other words the same mindset that characterizes small record companies such as Rune Grammofon and Smalltown Supersound.

While the Cultural Council's procurement scheme gives priority to the smallest label companies, it is the established publishers that make the most of the bookcake.

Several niche publishers

- The alternative is not to change the purchasing scheme, but for more people to do the same as Gasspedal and H Press have done. The Cultural Council also has funds with which other types of projects can be realized. I would like to see more publishers with publications that go beyond the major publishers' standard thinking: More niche publishers, more literary-oriented editorial projects and more literary exploratory texts. The major publishers have been writing for a long time – Gasspedal is working. . .

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