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The goal justifies the means

Sometimes it is actually okay to negotiate with criminals.

This past week, the debate has raged around the circumstances that brought the paintings "Scream" and "Madonna" back to the Norwegian people. VG has revealed that there is an agreement where criminals are likely to receive a penalty for having the pictures corrected. Dishwashing, publication of the agreement and legal interrogation by Justice Minister Knut Storberget are now required. The principle tab is held high, there should be equality for the law.

The robbery when the paintings in August 2004 were brutally torn down from the walls of the Munch Museum shook both the Norwegian national feeling and the international art world. It was not sophisticated burglars, but brutal, armed men who grabbed two of art's most famous works. The news went around the world, the paintings became even more famous – and in Norway we forgot for a while almost of the brutal robbery that was recently carried out in. . .

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