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Martine Aurdal and the voice of the unworthy


In the latest issue of Samtiden, the escort "Phillip" – in an interview with the undersigned – promotes a view of prostitution that conflicts with Martine Aurdals. This makes God angry, Aurdal claims in a contradictory and prejudiced post in this newspaper 8.09.05.

Aurdal's first accusation is that we as researchers and interviewers have our own agenda, that the questions are angled and the substance selected to create a narrative that we ourselves wish to present. It is not Phillips story readers get to hear. To the newspaper's readers, we can tell that one of us (Pedersen) has written a number of articles in professional journals where care failure, intoxication, pain related to prostitution have been revealed. Together, the two of us have written a comprehensive report on the sale of sex among Norwegian young people (see http://www.nova.no), where much of the same picture is drawn. But during this project we also got in. . .

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