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With darkness comes the horrors

The war in Northern Uganda is a conspiracy of religious madness and political power struggle.


[GULU / KAMPALA] Driving over the Karume Bridge on the road between Kampala and Gulu city is crossing a political border. You leave Uganda and enter a no-man's land. Only refugees, soldiers and aid workers meet one in this torn piece of Uganda. Even those who drive the boda-boda – as the bicycle taxis are called – have understood the importance of hoisting the white flag on the vehicle.

In Gulu city, the red dust settles like a blanket above everything and everyone. It's the trucks from the World Food Program that have swirled it up. Children's feet carry a stream of children every night to the somewhat safer cities, and in the gray light they take the long road home to areas ravaged by the war between Joseph Kony's brutal guerrilla movement of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and the government army (UPDF).

Not the only victims

These night walkers are the most visible victims of the war, and they are the reason why the outside world has taken at all. . .

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