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Co-responsibility, and not guilt


I have been interviewed of New Time (No. 37) on the occasion of my wife, the double agent. But the newspaper has given the interview a misleading headline: I should feel "complicit", it says. "Guilty" is a charged word. I gave her the green light from the beginning, if she needed it, at the request of the Palestinians, to assist with covert services. I stand by that position.

Many conflicts are ongoing in the world, and one is between the Palestinians and Israel. It is straightforward when it comes to just and wrong. The Palestinians are right. And Israel is wrong. We can serve the former in many ways. The natural is like solidarity workers. But the conflict happens on many levels. What stands out is the open confrontation. Furthermore, it is propaganda. Then there are the hidden services, as in any conflict.

My wife was asked to assist in the past. It can be a bold choice. Which she still said yes. And she followed her client.

That kind of service belongs in real life. We can leave them to others. And it can certainly be safest. But we can't close our eyes to the fact that they exist. They are an important part of the conflict.

The same is true between the Palestinians and Israel. The first wants information about the second, and vice versa. What the individual knows gives it the benefit. The Palestinians may need it.

Don't be naive. But the Palestinians asked for hidden services, and there was probably a motive behind it. What they got, they themselves have to consider, if it was of use to them. But so, many years ago, in our youth, I gave the green light to line up.

It gives co-responsibility, but not "guilt," in favor of a party that is right.

Trond Ali Linstad is a physician, former head of the Palestinian Committee and married to Karin Linstad.

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