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While we wait for welfare

After 16 years of freedom and turbo capitalism, the Latvians will have a social safety net to land in.


[latvia] When Kristine Timermane was born, Latvia was part of the Soviet Union. It was

opinion terror and commodity shortages. From childhood, she remembers how the right to buy a TV or a bicycle was solved because it was such a scarcity.

Today, 25 years later, Kristine takes a sip of the lemonade at a sunny cafe in the Latvian town of Cesis. She beams because it is her turn to give us a new world citizen.

This time, when the child sees the light of day in August, the child will experience a Latvia who has been a member of the EU and NATO for a little over two years. It is market economy and more freedom. The little boy or girl is going to get a bike, completely. . .

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