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More cannon fodder

Yet another reminder that there is unparalleled authorship.

[canon] «Why is all this coming right now? Is Norwegian literature from the last century in danger of being forgotten? » It is understandable that Aftenposten's Ingunn Økland asks these questions (May 26). "Right now" it seems that the list culture – I almost had the culture we associate with Erlend Loes Naiv.Super – is in the process of colonizing large parts of Bok-Norge.

The most ambitious of spring's canon projects is undoubtedly The Norwegian literary canon 1900-1960, edited by the literary writers Erik Bjerck Hagen and Petter Aaslestad. Well assisted by colleagues Tone Selboe and Jørgen Magnus Sejersted, the two editors have found 16 Norwegian authors that all literate readers should read: Olav Duun, Kristofer Uppdal, Cora Sandel, Sigrid Undset, Olaf Bull, Francis Bull, Tarjei Vesaas, Aksel Sandemose , Johan Borgen, Jens Arup Seip, Rolf Jacobsen, Olav H. Hauge, Alf Prøysen, Agnar Mykle, André Bjerke and Gunvor Hofmo.

1900 – 1960

The epoch division – 1900-1960 – is not watertight, it is rather the result of a pragmatic choice. About Paal Brekke, we read that he is «a possible canon candidate who can just as easily be placed. . .

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