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Modernity and exclusion

The new Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, like the previous one, is strongly concerned with getting more people into working life. The question is whether he encounters certain basic features of our form of economy – and modern, global capitalism.


During the 1990s has work line have been established as an objective for the authorities and the large organizations in working life in their employment and labor market policies. In short, this means that one must try to secure a place in working life for everyone who wants it and who is able to make a reasonable effort. The line of work seems, also internationally, to have more or less repressed the view that we must accept and live with a high level of unemployment and that many fall outside ordinary working life. Some felt it was better to give these people an opportunity for a dignified life through good welfare schemes, such as a general citizen's salary at a certain level. Ten to fifteen years ago, this view was probably stronger, perhaps especially among groups of researchers and other connoisseurs. . .

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