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Towards a Dark Future

SV is at the beginning of the fall that will end with the departure of the party leadership, predicts Professor Trond Nordby. In this week's Ny Tid chronicle, Magnus Marsdal attacks Kristin Halvorsen for being too cowardly to take care of SV's soul. SVs are ready for "unpleasant compromises". Read New Age Post-Election Coverage.


- This is just the beginning of the fall in SV's popularity. Had I been SVs, I would not have looked forward to the future, Professor Trond Nordby states.

He is no longer voting SV, the political scientist says he has become a populist and has crossed the electoral lists for the "power party" this time.

- What happens to SV is uncertain. But I want to say that it is sad that Siri Hall Arnøy and Audun Lysbakken have not been re-elected. It is tragic that the left in the party has been cleared of good people. There can be a lot of grumbling when a party created to be in opposition abandons the party-constituent issues. Everyone knew that the party would lose on r. . .

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