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The opposite poles in Berlin

In Berlin, Stephan Liebich and Christine Buchholz are antagonists, he in close cooperation with the Social Democrats in the city council, she grassroots activist who wants to topple the city government.


Stephan Liebich is group leader for PDS in the city council in Berlin and leader of PDS in Berlin. He is young, confident and talks openly about everything I bring up – without outside talk. He was a guest at the SV national meeting in Kristiansand last April and has perceived our situation with astonishing precision. He has a main responsibility for everything that happens in collaboration with the Social Democrats in the city government.

- It is no use telling the population that we have to make decisions that affect you, but without us it would be worse. We must show our victories, not defend the compromises.

- The Social Democrats wanted to increase the payment for children in kindergarten by ten percent. We wanted to increase more for the rich, and lower the rates. . .

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