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The power of the wall

- The wall in the West Bank is so far Israel's last step to destroy the cultural landscape in what until 1948 was called Palestine, say the writers Nora Ingdal and Anne Hege Simonsen.

This week, Cappelens Forlag launched the book Mur – divided landscape in Israel and Palestine.

In 2004, Nora Ingdal and former Ny Tid editor Anne Hege Simonsen traveled along the dividing wall on the occupied West Bank. They have examined the circumstances around the wall, talked to people on both sides and illuminated the historical background.

In 2002, Israel began building the wall. The rationale was protection against terror. It had a planned length of 728 kilometers, but ambiguities have arisen about the route. Today about 250 kilometers are completed. Only 37,5 of these follow the pre-Six Day War 1967 borders, when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza.

- What was the motivation for writing this book?

Anne Hege: News from the Middle East are dramatic events such as. . .

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