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Muscles behind the fashion

Grab your sweater on the bottom left, fold up and check the washcloth. Where it is manufactured:


[rights] Made in? Do the workers there have the right to organize themselves? Are only sweaters with printed slogans that involve some form of political support?

Something is about to happen. Brands such as Bono, Levi's and Nike are shifting ethical consumption from niche batik to hipstermainstream. What is changing? "It is clear that it gives a little better conscience to have spent money when you have acted ethically," ex-fashion editor Pia Haraldsen told Ny Tid last week.

Fairtrade clothing is this year's novelty. The problem for a poor conscience shopper is just that not the whole garment is certified, only the cotton production. Ragnhild Hammer in Fairtrade Max Havelaar Norway can not guarantee that fairtrade cotton does not end up in a sweatshop later in the production chain. Is it a good strategy to certify only parts of the production, Hammer? We consumers relate. . .

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