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Nachspiel or new labor party?

Has the Labor Party played its role and is ripe for the scrap heap of history? Or will the national meeting on 19 – 22 April show that the Labor Party is adapting to a new time?


[new thinking] The establishment of the welfare state was the great success of the labor movement in the last century. Is the project thus completed? Ap is looking for a new project, in addition to reforming the public sector. A good start would be to ask: What is the role of the labor movement in a globalized world?

The workers who sew our clothes no longer sit in Sunnmøre, but in Sumatra. Will it then become less important to fight for workers' rights along the production chains up to Norwegian shop windows? APS national meeting should take the washcloth test: All delegates collectively fold up the blouse or blazer to check where the clothes are produced. Should consumers in front of store shelves be responsible for workers' rights, or will CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, do the trick? The world economy has undergone a revolution in recent decades. The Stoltenberg government is well established with both. . .

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