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When the human mind bleeds

Seven out of ten Palestinian children in the West Bank are mentally injured. One cure is artistic expression.


West Bank, Palestine / Israel

(text and photo)

I'm going to Ramallah. I have just come through Qalandya, the great checkpoint between occupied East Jerusalem and the equally occupied West Bank. No Palestinians from the West Bank will pass here.

On the other side is a sea of ​​taxis, and drivers are shouting for customers. Every customer can mean salt in the food, because unemployment here is very high; a consequence of the bombed infrastructure and the movement inhibitions the wall and all the control posts create.

I explain to a driver my errand and am shown into a car. Then the colleagues explode in rage, they shout and shout in Arabic inside the car. For a moment, it looks like the mouthpiece is going to go away. . .

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