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When politics becomes personal

If a novel is ever to be called an SV novel, it must be this one.



That is perhaps the first word that comes to mind when characterizing Endre Lund Eriksen's novel "It does not end". The book is about the SV politician Brage Olsen, the Storting's youngest representative, who in March 1999 votes for NATO's intervention in Yugoslavia, votes for bombing, for war, although he is really against both NATO and war, although he was always the one who mediated, defended, broke up battles in the school yard, although as a sixth-grader took almost half the class, at least a good part of the girls , on starting the organization Children for peace, for which he himself had the idea, and for which he himself carried out the only action, a bicycle action with the aim of closing down the military airport close to his home in Bodø.

But it's not just about Brage. It is about the Kosovo Albanian Ismail, whom the youth Brage and the rest of the gang help in church asylum after being denied his asylum application, Ismail who can talk about bottomless fears, systematic arrests and merciless police violence, and later mass rape, murder, ethnic cleansing , massacres. And about Alex, erratic, threatening Alex, who throughout his childhood and adolescence would like to make friends with Brage, even though Brage does not quite dare, not completely will, Alex who has a Norwegian mother and Serbian father and who certainly, or in At least maybe, now watch Brage outside the Storting office.

The distinction between good and evil

At the same time, it is also about upbringing, education, position, principles. About being afraid, afraid of what you think might happen and afraid of what has happened. Afraid of what you do not understand,. . .

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