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When the state does not tear in

If you publish books at a small publishing house, you remain unknown, eager and little recognized. Torgeir Bilstad gave the fuck and got government support.

[purchasing policy] Knut Møller-Lien is looking forward to reading the press releases. It's June 2005, and the launch party for the debut novel Sebastian's World at the La Suite nightclub in Oslo. The book is packed with strippers, luxury life, violence and a muscular gigolo who scams and blackmails rich gays, while Paperboys, Toralv Maurstad and Lisa Tønne line up for entertainment. Sure there will be press coverage!

- The press was totally uninterested, with the exception of a slaughter in Tønsberg Blad, says Møller-Lien.

million Film

Today, NRK's ​​Christian Strand gets on the plane to Bangkok to start filming the world of Sebastian's film. Møller-Lien himself sits in the director and script chair. With a budget of 20 million kroner and actors such as Kim Kolstad, Finn Schau and Camilla Malmquist Harket finally came. . .

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