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When Steinar Lem shouts wolf


Steinar Lem has recently published the book "The Little Life". The book has attracted attention, not least because the formerly active no-man and nature conservationist now admits that he has turned, albeit "with a heavy heart", but still. I would like to comment on his reasons for going from no to yes in the EU case.

The ideals of: 1) solidarity, 2) government and 3) environmental concerns, I share with Lem. But how he has come to the conclusion that these ideals are better safeguarded in the EU than in our own country, that is a mystery to me!

First point 1, solidarity. I do not know what Lem means by solidarity, but as I see it, Norway has for a long time and under changing governments, provided far higher aid to poor countries than what the EU has allocated, in relation to population. . .

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